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European Teleports

From selected European Teleports atrexx provides exclusive services to almost 90% of the world's population, including all of Europe, Asia, Africa, much of the Americas, and even Western Australia.

Services include the provision of satellite capacity, up-link to and down-link from the satellites, broadband Internet access including bandwidth management and IP addresses, as well as a 24/7 hotline and monitoring services.

 Teleport for DVB/SCPC and SCPC services  Teleport with LinkStar hub
 Teleport for DVB/SCPC and SCPC/SCPC services in the Alps.

 Teleport with LinkStar hub and Alps in the background.


Teleport for DVB/SCPC services on inclinded orbit satellites
Teleport in the Ardennes for DVB/SCPC services on inclinded orbit satellites.

 Teleport for iDirect and SCPC Services Teleport for iDirect and SCPC services based in North Italy

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  European Teleports

2way2sat - Internet Satellite Europe2way2sat - Europe

Western, Central and Eastern Europe
2way2sat - Internet Satellite Central Asia2way2sat - Central Asia

e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, STAN-Countries
2way2sat - Internet Satellite South Central Asia2way2sat - Central & Southeast Asia

e.g. India, China, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
2way2sat - Internet Satellite Middle East2way2sat - Middle East

e.g. Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, KSA, Arabia Peninsula
2way2sat - Internet Satellite North Africa and Mediterranean2way2sat - North Africa

Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocoo
2way2sat - Internet Satellite in South America2way2sat - South America

All of South America except the Northwest of Brazil